DETAN Rod System
Tension rod system
DETAN tension rod systems are used in many fields of applications:
    - trussed elements and wind bracing in roofs and walls
    - bracing of pylons and canopies
    - ties for wood and steel beams
    - bracing of glass façade
    - bracing of footbridges
DETAN tension rods are available in stainless steel (DETAN-E) and steel (DETAN-S460).
Numerous product improvements have increased the quality of the DETAN range again, as it fully meets the demands for high quality architectural products.

Tension rod system


    - the system is optimised for DETAN Rods
    - extra lightweight aluminium design for simple assembly
    - targeted hydraulic application for tension up to 425 kN
    - no power-source needed
    - the high-quality galvanized surface is protected by special load transfer flanges
    - simple control of load application with a calibrated manometer
    - additional control using optional extensometer, even after load application (if previously gauge marked)
    - functional, simple & robust