HK4 - Brickwork Support
Brickwork support systems
The HALFEN HK4-Thermo brickwork support system is used for absorbing the dead weight of brickwork and its transfer to the construction of the building.

With their high degree of vertical adjustment of ± 35 mm they are very well suited to balance existing tolerances in the structure or inaccuracy in the installation of drilled anchor bolts.

The HK4 brickwork support system is available in stainless steel (L4/A4) in
various versions to cope with a wide range of support

The different load capacities of 3.5 kN, 7.0 kN and 10.5 kN in connection with HALFEN channels are an economic way of supporting brickwork.

Quality features:

  - type approved anchoring
  - CE-marked
  - very good adjustment options
  - complete product range for brickwork construction