Construction accesories
MIDAN SISTEME IN CONSTRUCTII prin parteneriate internaţionale cu HALFEN GmbH şi TECHNOWOOD BG, asigură sisteme şi produse complete pentru realizarea proiectelor, având ca şi principală caracteristică: CALITATEA.

MIDAN SISTEME IN CONSTRUCTII together with its international partners cu HALFEN GmbH and TECHNOWOOD BG, provide complete systems and products for the realization of projects, having a main characteristic: QUALITY

MIDAN SISTEME IN CONSTRUCTII offers for sales the following accessories for construction:
- Halfen products
- Three-layered  board and encased board with phenolic film
- The three-layered  board represents the base for all encased systems  PERI, DOKA and can be used in any situation
- H20 wooden beams for encasement
- Resin solid wood beams
- Spacers for reinforcements
- Anchoring systems
- Joints working systems