HALFEN MBT Reinforcement Coupler
The MBT reinforcement coupler is a mechanical socket connection for concrete reinforcement steel B500B with a diameter from 10 to 40 mm and joins two reinforcement bars through a clamping action. The tensile and compression forces are transferred. The rods do not need to be pre-treated: no threading, no compression, no welding. The MBT reinforcement coupler is particularly suitable for the replacement of damaged reinforcement, the connection of old and new constructions, the connection of pre-cast concrete units and of high pre-cast chimneys.

Special quality features:

  •  - Officially approved by DIBt Berlin
  •  - Also approved for predominantly non static loading
  •  - No processing of the bar ends required
  •  - Secure control of the assembly by shearing the shear studs
  •  - Efficient and economical installation by using easy-to-use standard tools as well as the low break off torque of the shear studs
  • - The extensive range of standard sockets, and reducing end anchors ensures predictability and flexibility for universal applications
  • - Well suited for renovations and expansion
  • - Numerous country-specific approvals and survey reports assure its use in the context of international standards