HCC Column Shoe
Halfen Column Shoe HCC
The advantage of the pre-fabricated system with screw connection is the quick assembly. The connection is easy to adjust and immediately loadable so that bracing is not required. The system comprises of the HCC column shoe and the suitable HAB anchor bolts for the foundation base.
The principle: The column shoes are cast in pre-cast columns, the anchor bolts are cast in foundations on site using a drilling pattern. They are joined by load bearing nuts during assembly. As a last step the bottom of the column and remaining recess are filled with non-shrinking mortar. 

Halfen Column Shoe HCC
The anchor bolts must be installed exactly according to the location and arrangement shown in the design drawings. It is expedient to use a mounting template; this will help to firmly and accurately fix the anchor bolts on the formwork, so that they do not move during installation of the reinforcement or during the pouring and compaction of the concrete.

HALFEN column shoes are connecting parts that form rigid column connections and column stacks in heavily stressed structures. The rigid connection is effective both in the mounting state and in the final state. The forces on the HALFEN anchor bolts HAB H (head bolts) or HAB S (rod anchor) are transferred into the base anchoring material.
The wide range of products covers a wide range of load levels in order to realize as many installation situations as possible.

HALFEN HAB H anchor studs are made of concrete steel B 500 B with coiled thread.
The anchoring is achieved through a unilaterally forged head (head stud anchor).
HAB H anchor studs are, due to their low installation depth, especially suitable for anchoring in flat structures such as the foundations or walls that have sufficiently large edge distances. HAB S rod anchors, however, are more suitable for thicker structures with sufficient anchoring length. In this case the edge distances can be reduced.