HDB Punching Shear Reinforcement
Punching shear reinforcement HDB
The HDB elements with double headed ribbed studs, welded to a mounting rail, are used as shear and punching reinforcement. HALFEN HDB shear rails are supplied as system elements, for short delivery times, and as complete elements, which are manufactured to measure on demand. They are preferably put in from the top after laying the flat slab reinforcement.
They are available as 2-stud and 3-stud elements which can be combined into larger assemblies with the appropriate arrangement. The symmetrical arrangement of the HDB anchor guarantees the correct installation. The patented clip bar ensures that the heads of the studs are covered by concrete.

HDB anchor rail for shear reinforcement.

Quality features
    Simple and quick installation
    Reduction of construction period
    The longitudinal reinforcement does not have to be enclosed.
    Installation after the upper and lower longitudinal reinforcement have been laid
    Reduction of the number of anchors owing to the larger permissible tangential anchor distances compared with brackets, in accordance with the German National Annex NA(D) for EN 1992-1-1:2011-01 (Eurocode 2)


    Higher punching loads compared with conventional link reinforcements, according to the German National Annex NA(D) for EN 1992-1-1:2011-01 (Eurocode 2)
    Officially approved as shear reinforcement in flat slabs, floor slabs and individual foundations
    The HDB anchor rail can also be incorporated into finished and semi-finished parts
    Also approved for predominantly non static loads
    Standardised product range for the most common sizes