HBT Rebend connection
Rebend connection HBT
HALFEN HBT rebend connections are used for the efficient connection of concrete components, which are poured in different phases and connected together. The casing is made of galvanized sheet steel with special beading and pre-punched grip holes so that the cover can be easily removed from the casing. It can be fixed to the formwork by simply nailing it on or securing it with a tie wire to the reinforcement. With 57 combinations of bracket types and profile widths, a wide variety of optimal connections can be realized for different uses. The elements are available with concrete reinforcement steel in the diameters of 8, 10 and 12 mm.

For the most common installation situations there is a standardised product range for one-and two-layer connections with casing lengths of 0.8 m and 1.25 m. HBT Rebend connections are approved by DIBt and type tested.

Advantages of the product

    Simple design approach according to approval with only two basic cases of calculation
    - Loads perpendicular to the joint
    - Loads parallel to the joint
    Transfer of shear forces perpendicular and parallel to the joint with standard case
    Proof of combined shear forces perpendicular and parallel to the joint possible
    Standard version for constructional as well as for structural connections – no confusion on the construction site or in the precast plant
    Steel casing with contoured back for optimum transfer of shearing forces in the joint
    Profile and cover made of galvanized steel to prevent corrosion - no plastic components are left in the concrete
    The special profile edge geometry prevents the unwanted ingress of fresh concrete
    Simple nailing or sticking to the formwork
    Dimensional stability during concreting owing to the stable steel profiles and steel cover
    Pre-cut hole allows for the quick and easy removal of the cover after stripping the formwork
    Low profile casing so it keeps in line with the concrete cover on the longitudinal sides