HBS-05 Screw Connections
HBS 05
The HALFEN HBS-05 screw connections are an optimum solution for all connections for reinforced concrete constructions. The HBS-05 screw connections can be used in any combination. Due to the versatility of the HBS-05, it can create almost every joint reinforcement. One and the same connection bars can be used for all female bars - whether it has a threaded socket or a forged design. The position socket enables the connection between axially unmovable and non-rotating bars, e.g. for crane openings in ceilings. HBS-05-end anchors are available for connections with short anchoring lengths.

Quality features:

Quality features
    - extensive delivery programme bars with diameters ranging from 12 to 32 mm
    - colour coding for easy assignment of system parts
    - approved for dynamic loads acc. to DIN 1045-1 for bar diam. 12 to 28 mm
    - forged socket bars can be nailed directly to the formwork
    - bolted socket bars are particularly economic for vertical reinforcement connections and custom lengths
    - official approved (DIBt Berlin)
    - safe installation with a simple visual check, no torque wrench necessary
    - approved for “extraordinary load effects” such as explosion and impact loads in nuclear power plants
    - HBS-05-Seismic: screw connection with the highest ductility, suitable for buildings in regions prone to earthquakes