HALFEN HBB bi-Trapez-Box®
Halfen bi-Trapez-Box
The HBB HALFEN bi-Trapez-Box® is used as a point-load support for staircase landing slabs. The load transmission is via elastomer supports. The landing-slabs are monolithically connected with the building in this case. The impact sound insulation is placed between the landing-slab and the staircase. The units can be used both with cast on-site concrete or precast elements together with concrete or masonry walls.

Quality features are

  •  - high-quality bi-trapezoidal-bearings with general constructional authority approval
  •  - flexibly planning with three landing-slab heights (d = 16/18/20 cm)
  •  - safety in planning with Type-test approval for installed support elements
  •  - excellent sound insulating properties for a wide range of support loads
  •  - guaranteed Quality with RAL-approval  RAL-GZ 658/2
  •  - simple and quick installation improves build-time