HLB Loop Box
HLB Loop Box
The HLB Loop Box is used to connect concrete elements with each other in an efficient and time saving way. In the corresponding precasting works, the boxes are built into two concrete components which need to be connected (for example walls). The concrete elements are taken to the construction site and set up by a crane.

Quality features are:

HLB- HLB elements consist of wire loops in a steel case, popping up automatically when the cover is removed. No effort for bending out is required.
- Solid steel cases (case and lid) with pre-punched nail holes allow a secure attachment to the formwork
- Elements can even be glued to the formwork; this is especially interesting in the case of steel formwork
- The HALFEN HLB Spacer made of flexible material can be easily cut with any type of knife to the requiered length. With nails it can be directly attached to the formwork.
- The pre-punched nail holes allow easy attachment on the formwork with nailing
- Due to the labelling of every element with the information about type, manufacturer and date of production, the parts can be easily identified and classified regarding logistics and storage
- systems with general official approval by the building authorities