HALFEN HIT Insulated Connection
A thermal insulation that works in accordance with the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance reduces heat loss, and helps to reduce heating costs and CO2 emissions. Protruding components, such as balconies, must also be integrated in the concept of thermal insulation.
The HALFEN ISO-ELEMENT is the ideal solution, as it embodies the highest standards of quality, thus avoiding condensation and mould formation. The HIT-HP High Performance and HIT-SP Superior Performance versions are the perfect solution for all applications with their element thicknesses of 80 and 120mm.
Quality features and benefits

Balcony connections HIT
    - Officially approved
    - Metre-units and shorter modules can be flexibly combined - high economy grade without any waste
    - The broad selection of types covers nearly all balcony situations
    - Highest fire protection class as standard - all new HALFEN HIT-HP and HIT-SP elements are supplied as standard with European fire resistance for structural components with and without a physical barrier REI 120 (equivalent to F120)
    - Improved thermal insulation properties help to save even more energy
    - The HIT-HP elements are even stronger now - from a slab thickness of 16cm up to 160 kN/m shear force transmission
    - All types are available in lengths 25 cm, 50 cm and 100 cm – no effort of cutting on building site
    - Easy to install - when installing from above it does not disturb any protruding rods
    - Planning security is guaranteed - no limit on the shear force bearing capacity necessary with the additional supporting evidence of the planner.