UMA - Grout - In Anchors
HALFEN Grout-in anchors form one of the traditional methods for anchoring wall panels made of natural or artificial stone to supporting structures made of concrete or masonry. HALFEN UMA Support anchors are available in a variety of load capacities. The corresponding HALFEN UHA restraint anchor is used to absorb horizontal or wind loads. Due to their round cross-section, HALFEN UMA / UHA Grout-in anchors can be used both in horizontal and vertical joints. Like the HALFEN Body anchors, the type-tested HALFEN Grout-in anchors have been awarded the quality certificate "LGA tested Quality" and bear the RAL quality mark RAL-GZ 996/3 of the Quality Association for facade fixing technology.

Quality features:

  •  - adjustable in three directions
  •  - high load-bearing capacities with only small use of material
  •  - stand-off distances of 20–300 mm
  •  - allowable loads up to 3960 N depending on the stand-off distance