HMS - Brick Tie Channels
Brick tie channels
HALFEN Brickwork restraint systems are efficient and reliable fixings designed to tie all brickwork, facings and partitions, (with or without cavity or insulation). HALFEN ML or BL brick ties connect masonry facades to concrete walls, columns or steel and wooden structures. Ties are allowed to slide vertically within the channel, significantly reducing the risk of cracks in the masonry. HALFEN Brick ties can be inserted into the brick tie channels for connecting to the masonry construction at any point at the recommended intervals. Ties are inserted into the channel and engaged by turning them through 90°. The bonding holes in the ties improve anchorage in the joint mortar.

Brick tie anchor ML in combination with HALFEN Cast-in channels:

Quality features
- Installation channel HM welded to steel supports
- HL slotted framing channels anchored to concrete or masonry
- HMS Cast-in channel with Brick-tie anchor
- Embedded HTA-CE Cast-in channel