HGB - Balustrade Fixings
Construction specialists consider HALFEN handrail connections type HGB to be particularly well suited for fastening banisters to the thin edges of balcony slabs.

With the easily cast-in HGB channels and their corresponding high-tensile Halfen bolts A4 – 70, railing posts can be easily attached to the surface of concrete slabs with a minimum thickness of 100mm, forming a secure and statically sound connection. This is possible thanks to the special rear anchoring of the reinforcement steel with swaged anchor heads.

Fast and economical

Quality features    - Adjustable positioning of T-bolts within the channel
    - Can be used in thin slabs => 100mm
    - Bolts instead of welds, dowels or drilled fixings
    - Pre-engineered to reduce construction time
    - Permits later adjustment and even simple replacement of all attached structures

    Safe and reliable

    - No damage to the concrete on the visible front faces of the slab
    - While construction is in progress, it can also serve to secure safety rails (note DIN EN 795 “Fall protection”)
    - The associated high-strength HALFEN bolts ensure secure and statically solid attachment of the banister structure

Further quality features:
    - adjustable fixing of railing posts
    - load absorption according to German approval Z-21.4-1912
    - delivered in lengths from 100mm upwards

Materials / Corrosion protection
    - Steel, stainless A4