HZA - DYNAGRIP Cast-In Channels
DYNAGRIP HALFEN Channels are a new development for applications with high loads, where the channel is cast in vertically. The special toothed channels guarantee a positive mechanical connection, additionally the HZA DYNAGRIP HALFEN Channels can safely absorb fatigue-related stress ranges of up to 15.0 kN, with a number of cycles of N = 2x106. They therefore fulfil all the requirements for the secure fixing, for example, elevator guide rails or crane runways. The channels are also ideally suited for vertical installation, e.g. in concrete columns carrying longitudinal loads.

Safe and reliable:

Quality features    - No damage to the load-bearing reinforcement
    - Approved for use in building components with fire protection requirements
    - Suitable for installing in concrete compressive and concrete tension zones
    - Hot-rolled profiles suitable for dynamic loads
    - Building authority approved

Fast and economical
    - Adjustable anchoring
    - Bolting instead of welding
    - Maximum efficiency when mountings in rows
    - Installation with basic tools therefore cost savings
    - Reduced construction time by pre-planning
    - Wide range for the most varied of requirements
    - User friendly installation; no noise; no dust; no vibrations

Quality features:
    - high load-bearing capacity up to FR,d = 37.8 kN as the resultant load in all directions
    - allowable stress range for fatigue-related impacts of up to 15.0 kN at a Number of load cycles of N = 2x106
    - compact product range with four profiles HZA 29/20, HZA 38/23, HZA 53/34 and HZA 64/44
    - high degree of corrosion protection due to stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized design
    officially approved
    - Fixing in cracked and uncracked concrete
    -A toothed lip in the channel guarantees positive load in the longitudinal direction

Materials / Corrosion protection
    - HALFEN Channels in hot-dipped galvanised steel (fv)
    - HALFEN Channels in stainless steel (A4)