HTA - Cast-In Channels
HTA - Cast-In Channels
Halfen cast-in channels
HALFEN cast-in channels are the ideal basis for easy-to-install, adjustable connection. A full foam filling or a strip filler provides protection against the ingress of concrete into the channel. Halfen channels can be used to create any construction connections, e.g. facades, precast concrete construction, residential construction and traffic engineering (e.g. tunnels), and for lift constructions, infrastructure projects such as bridges or crane runway fixings.

Safe and reliable
  • European Technical Approval (ETA)
  • No damage to the load-bearing reinforcement
  • Suitable for use in building components with fire protection requirements
  • Suitable for installing in concrete compressive and concrete tension zones
  • High corrosion resistant steels available
  • Hot-rolled profiles suitable for fatigue-related impacts
  • Secure design with HALFEN-Software

cast-in channels HTA
Materials / Corrosion protection
    HALFEN Channels in hot-dipped galvanised steel (fv)
    HALFEN Channels in stainless steel (A4)
    HALFEN Channels in high corrosion resistant steel (HCR)