HBJ-W Betojuster for wall elements
The HALFEN HBJ-W Betojuster is an adjustment device for aligning precast concrete wall elements. The HBJ-W Betojuster provides the building contractor with an easy and therefore a safe method for precise vertical adjustment of walls, whilst simultaneously avoiding injuries and preventing tool damage to the concrete elements. The adjustment process is done with standard tools requiring little effort. The optimized construction height keeps the Betojuster in the subsequent floor construction area. It is not necessary to fill the screw slots.

Quality features are:
  • - Easy, damage free screwable height adjustment
  • - Crane time optimization. Once the elements are placed and secured with shoring, the crane is available to lift the next element
  • - Adjustment range up to 35 mm
  • - Requires only standard tools
  • - Minimal effort required
  • - Especially designed for restricted access