SPA - Wire Sandwich Panel Anchors
Sandwich panel anchor
HALFEN offers three different systems for anchoring the facing layer of sandwich panels to the supporting shell. These include MVA sleeve sandwich panel anchors, FA flat anchors, and SPA sandwich panel anchors.

In all systems the support armature transfers the dead weight of the front panel, and a proportion of horizontal forces from the effects of wind and temperature into the structural layer.

Usually two SPA anchors installed in every load-bearing direction symmetrical to the fulcrum are sufficient for this purpose. To absorb additional loads during transport and installation another SPA bearing anchor should be inserted as a horizontal anchor, perpendicular to the main direction of load.

Quality features:

  - simple and quick to install
  - officially approved, technically advanced system
  - economically feasible even for very thick layers of insulation between the concrete skin
  - design made simple with free HALFEN software
  - Energy Savings Ordinance compliant with low thermal bridges