Parapet Corbels
Concrete Cladding Panels HALFEN parapet corbels are used to fix pre-cast parapet panels to reinforced concrete slabs, balconies or wide columns. They are cast into the pre-cast parapets and transported to site.

To ensure a uniform distribution of the load, 2 anchors can be used per parapet. The resistances of the design are confirmed by a type test for detecting vertical and horizontal loads (e.g. own weight, beam pressure and wind load).

When fixing them to cast-in HALFEN channels, the anchors can be moved horizontally in two directions. They can also be adjusted vertically by shimming; HALFEN offers suitable mounting accessories for this. The parapet corbels are also available with adjustable bolts to simplify the vertical adjustment.

Quality features:

  - economical to use with 8 different profile dimensions
  - suitable for different insulation thicknesses
  - in stainless steel for high corrosion protection
  - very quick to install
  - adjustable in all directions
  - type-approved
  - RAL quality mark
  - CE-marking acc. to EN 1090