Panels Anchors for Façades and Accessories
Halfen Precast Panel Anchors
HALFEN panel anchors make quick and easy work of installing a concrete facade panel to a concrete or steel structural frame. The officially approved system consists of a mounting element that is cast into the facade panel, an installation element consisting of a punched strip and threaded rod, and a clamp bracket/shell component to be anchored into the structural frame.

The clamp bracket/shell component comes in 5 different designs, which are especially suitable for the anchoring in walls. All system components are made of stainless steel.

Quality features:

  - simple and quick to install
  - adjustable in all directions
  - officially approved
  - load levels from 5.0 to 56 kN
  - clamp bracket/shell component available in 5 designs
  - RAL quality mark
  - CE-marking acc. to EN 1090